Logo Development

Logo Development for your company is as important as the services you provide. Just as you may remember a persons name, it is their face you see in your mind, and your logo is the face of your business. What do you want people to see?


The apple in this logo is used not only as the classic symbol for education, but in it's stylized form, a representaion of the companies strong belief in creative thinking.

At the apple's core, the exclamation point says "Eureka! I get it, I understand now!"

DJ Mike Harding

DJ Mike's unique mixing style and personal flare was pushing to break out of the typical DJ mold. So when he decided to take his talents on the road he really wanted to make a statement. Enter 1969 VW Van! All he needed now was a logo to cap the whole funky package. The font "Crazy Harold" felt like a no brainer.

Skatemasters Hockey School

Skatemasters caters to athletes of all ages and skill levels. So when developing their logo I wanted to create something that would play on the speed and intensity of the game to inspire the kids while still sending a professional message to the adults. The clear, bold, italicized font combined with the contorted player and screeching puck I believe does just that.

Cenral Technical School 100

Since it's cornerstone was laid by Canada's then prime minister Sir Robert Borden, Central Tech has played an integral part in Canada's educational history.

From soldiers, medics, and aircraft mecanics during wartime, to plumbers, carpenters, and architects during the boom, to artists, scientists, and programers into the future, the 100 needed a mark that would be as big and inspiring as the school itself.


An annual celebration held at the XS Nightclub in Toronto.

To really make this logo work I felt a strong, crisp, bold type face was needed. In the end, Benguiat fit the bill perfectly.


Bayview Tutors

A company steeped in values of tradition, trust, and success, we felt the academic shield was the very symbol that encapsulated all these virtues and more.

The image within the shield is the students open text book as well as the rolling hills and shoreline of the bay.

Faces Nightclub

An elite nightclub in the heart of downtown Toronto, Faces has been known for it's lavish parties and celebrity sightings.

The face symbol reflects a sexiness and casualness about the club, while being inside the name hints at those you may find within.


The logo mark is a stylized illustration of the creature from Greek mythology, the Chimera.

The power of a lion and the stability of a goat combined into one entity, hinting at what this communications company promises to deliver.

Bassels Real Estate

Founded by real estate broker Tony Bassels, this remains a family run business.

With Greek heritage and a background in construction and architecture, the column provides an image close to heart and home while adding stability and trust to this brand.

Bounce Marketing

The name describes their approach to event promotion by moving from venue to venue each day of the week.

The addition of the ever present dico ball is a reminder to all that it’s a part, have fun.

Evidence Based Marketing

Evidence Based Marketing specializes in healthcare communications. Their approach to business is all about perception.

The “Possible Box” was designed to provoke thought, and to show how the same data can be perceived differently by different people.

The Chimney Company

A logo mark as simple and obvious as the company name itself, we do chimneys.

The colour palatte matches the reds, oranges, and blacks of the bricks and soot found in the chimeys and fireplaces.


Some cancer treatments can have side effects including the presence of abnormally low white blood cells.

The logo mark is designed to illustrate balance and harmony between red and white blood cells in the body.


A local company who gives homeowners the abilty to monitor their power consuption in real time.

The logo is a revamp of their original, adding a stronger font to the name and simplifying the power rays.

The Synapse Group

A strategic marketing company that specializes in healthcare communications.

The logo mark is meant to represent an actual synapse in the brain as well as take on the shape of an “S”.

Blue Matter

Blue Matter was created when two companies, one a creative media team and the other healthcare communications, collaborated into a third party.

The new logo incorporated elements from both companies original logos.